[Comment] Dungeon Defenders Jouer en ligne LAN (Tunngle facultatif, pas de tutoriel BS)

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*** donjons amour? Vérifiez. Amour monstres? Vérifiez. Amour pour botter le cul des monstres tout en protégeant votre cristal? Double vérifier! Voir le tutoriel vidéo pour voir comment il est simple à jouer en ligne LAN. Vous n’avez pas besoin de vapeur, et vous n’avez même pas besoin d’utiliser GameSpy, mais vous pouvez si vous le désirez. * Les liens ——————————————- Pour le Néant * Tutoriel . ——————————————- ** Restez en contact avec Nos tutoriels ** Facebook: www.facebook.com Devenez ami avec nous: Blog www.facebook.com polyvalente de: www.versatile1.wordpress.com GameDexterity Wiki www.gamedexterity.tk GameDexterity Chat Room gamedexterity.wikispaces.com don à GameDexterity: gamedexterity. wikispaces.com Jouez avec Versatile sur Starcraft 2 LAN: Projet www.tinyurl.com “Kip” Savoir, c’est pouvoir: www.tinyurl.com Groupe vapeur GameDexterity: steamcommunity.com
Note Vidéo : 4/5

25 thoughts on “[Comment] Dungeon Defenders Jouer en ligne LAN (Tunngle facultatif, pas de tutoriel BS)

  1. l0technech0l says:

    Maybe! Give it a try -TechNech?

  2. KalinRozthan says:

    Can you? play this game on the PC offline through LAN?

  3. Xylification says:

    is thi fake cuz i did this and dosent? work

  4. Xylification says:

    I cant? find any ser verS :(

  5. lietuvis112112 says:

    Hamachi server version 7.12 THETA

    ID? : DungeonsD

    pass : none, members approved manualy.

    I’ll be waiting :)

  6. gamedexterity says:

    It’s in the? video under the dundef config program.

  7. gamedexterity says:

    Right click game executable, go to properties, and select run? as admin.

  8. SleepyHedgehogFilms says:


  9. gamedexterity says:

    Run? game as admin please.

  10. gamedexterity says:

    Run as? admin.

  11. killeras98 says:

    me? too

  12. killeras98 says:

    How change it from steam to? gamespy

  13. DataStick123 says:

    My configurations cannot? save
    Please help

  14. sikoladas1 says:

    I have already? figured that out but thanks for answer anyways

  15. gamedexterity says:

    Run game? as admin.

  16. sikoladas1 says:

    Dude when I choose gamespy? and click save it says “can’t save configuration files”

  17. gamedexterity says:

    Correct. If not using tunngle, then maybe do a dmz.?

  18. Ryan Zygmunt says:

    Does anyone know? how I can get the version 7.25c download for the PC? Thanks for the help in advance! :)

  19. fantastico1990 says:

    Isn’t that only required? for tunngle?

  20. gamedexterity says:

    Run? everything as admin.

  21. JazkTheHunter says:

    when i? try to go to the confige file it says it wont save

  22. JazkTheHunter says:

    well i? cant changed it to gamespy

  23. gamedexterity says:

    Tunngle dawt? net.

  24. gamedexterity says:

    Try a different room.?

  25. gamedexterity says:

    Did you port forward udp 11155? – Versatile?

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